Why Kadamb?

We are group of radiologists providing radiological diagnostic services as KADAMB DIAGNOSTICS in city of Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar. We provide radiological services like MRI, CT scan, Coronary and other Angiographies, Ultrasonography, Colour Doppler, Local part - Special Ultrasonography, Digital X ray, Radiological Procedures (like Urography, HSG and Barium GI series) as well as interventional procedures like (Fluid - Abscess aspiration & Biopsy – USG / CT guided). We have latest and best in class equipments in our centre to provide accurate diagnostic services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We have a number skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated in house radiologists in our team with speciality in different modalities. We are providing 24 hour radiology services to patients including emergency services and tele-radiology support as well. We are currently having our own three radiological units as KADAMB DIAGNOSTICS (Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad - Akhabarnagar and Panjarapol).

Our team of doctors takes their time to focus on providing the highest quality service for each individual patient. Through exceptional quality and service, we’ve earned the trust and confidence of a vast portion of the Ahmedabad medical community. Our radiologists are specifically recruited for their superior skills and knowledge based expertise.

We are currently providing professional radiological & Healthcare services to various corporate health care units, multi specialty hospitals, trust hospitals as well as off sit support to various tele radiology units in India in addition to outpatient units.


Most proficient emergency radiology exams with finalized reports in less than 60 minutes. Most non-emergent radiology exams with finalized reports in less than 90 minutes. Most critical finding call (To Referring / Treating Physician) completion times in less than 5 minutes. Friendly and helpful radiologists.


Quick access to images, finalized reports, and friendly radiologists. Helpful staff and radiologists ensure your concerns are addressed right away.